Fire and Safety engineering

We provide Fire and life safety engineering consultation services that focus on preventing fire and ensuring the safety of people and properties...

Fire strategy report

The Fire strategy report document offers comprehensive assessments, specifically tailored to building and occupancy. The report is prepared after reviewing all aspects of the building’s fire safety features which include construction...

Construction site supervision

Site safety supervision is a vital role in all construction projects, where safety of manpower and properties is the main goal...

Fire systems inspecting & testing

Testing and inspecting the fire systems accordingly ensures proper operation and reliability of safety operation plan...

Project handover to authorities

Every business owner wants to keep his business licensed and safe. To achieve that, we provide project handover service to civil defense and AHJ authorities to gain the required licenses...

Evacuation Planning & Reporting

Evacuation planning enhances safety measures by creating a comprehensive set of procedures to help facilitate proper evacuation of people during a fire, risk or accident...

Risk Assessment & Management

Risk assessment is a vital process that determines possible hazards, their likelihood, and consequences, and analyzes what could happen if a hazard occurs...

Crowd Safety Management

With a strong focus on crowd safety, our team excels in providing Crowd Safety Management by effectively designing a systematic process of planning...

Fire safety System

Fire strategy report

Construction site supervision

Fire systems inspecting & testing

Project handover to authorities

Evacuation Planning & Reporting

Risk Assessment & Management

Crowd Safety Management


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At Tuwaiq Gate Fire safety consultancy, we understand the paramount importance of safety in today’s world. As a fire safety consultant, we play a critical role in ensuring that buildings and organizations fully comply with fire codes and regulations. With our expertise and extensive knowledge of fire prevention and emergency response measures, our dedicated professionals are committed to creating a safer environment for everyone. From conducting thorough inspections and risk assessments to developing a comprehensive fire safety plan, we work closely with architects, engineers, and building owners. Our goal is to identify potential fire hazards, implement preventive measures, and ensure the functionality of all fire safety systems. By staying up to date with the latest fire safety standards and regulations, our consultancy helps mitigate the risk of fire incidents and minimizes potential damage and loss of life. Discover the invaluable role of Tuwaiq Gate consultancy in building and maintaining safer communities.

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We help and support our customers to raise their internal capabilities with the highest quality and less cots, where we rely on providing risk assessment through practicing different strategical techniques and engineering values that offers bigger picture on the needs of our customers which leads to investing on the right systems, equipment, and process.

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The Process of Working with Us

  1. Contact us

    Begin the process by contacting us through our email or contact info listed, providing details about the service needed, building or facility information, and any specific requirements or concerns you may have.

  2. Cost Calculation and timeline

    Once we receive your request, our engineering team will conduct a thorough review of scope of work and do cost calculation. If required, our team will conduct a site visit to understand the site condition more.

  3. Proposal and Contract

    After reviewing the scope and cost, we will provide you with a proposal and proceed to the signing of a contract if mutual agreement is reached.

  4. Work Execution

    With the contract in place, our experienced engineers will begin the execution of the project.

Meet our Team

We are proud to introduce our exceptional team of professionals. With a diverse range of expertise and experience, our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch fire safety solutions for your specific needs. From our knowledgeable engineers, each member of our team is committed to ensuring the highest level of safety and protection for your building or facility.

  • Eng. Hamad Al Mubdel


  • Eng. Noraldeen Ibrahim

    Project manager

  • Eng. Ahmed Medhat

    Technical Manager

  • Eng. Mohammad Al Assaf

    Architectural engineer

  • Eng. Naji Masoud

    Electromechanincal engineer

  • Eng. Ahmed Abdulwahab

    Electrical engineer

  • Minhajuddin Mohammed

    Mechanical Designer

  • Mohammed Shafi


  • Yahya Al Qahtani

    HR manager

  • Ayman Al Hmood

    Accounting Manager

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